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Single-track / Mountain Bike/Greenway Trails


The Greenway:

The greenway beside the rail road tracks is almost finished. It will start at the Train Depot in down town Cookeville and extend all the way to Algood. This is a 5 mile section. There are plans for it to be extended to Monterey. We will have more info about the trails as it becomes available

Cane Creek City Park:

2-3 miles can be ridden around the park on a paved path. A 1.5 mile mountain bike trail is now open on the back side of the park with plans to extended it in the near future. For more info and a map of the trail, visit

Rock Island State Park:

2 Mountain bike trails are available at Rock Island. Behind the tennis courts at the campground is a 1.5 mile trail. Above the dam near the entrance to the park is a 3 mile mountain bike loop. For more info about some of the trails, visit


Cumberland Mountain State Park:

There is a small trail that goes around the lake and includes a swinging bridge. Great riding also within the park. For some more info and a map, visit

Catoosa Wildlife Management Area:

Contains many gravel roads that can be ridden along with some singletrack and several spur trails that lead to overlooks and a few loops. For more info and a guide, visit


Big South Fork:

Big south fork has a large amount of trails at the Bandy Creek Campground / Stables area.

You can pick up a trail map at the Park Office.

More info:


Fall Creek Falls:

Fall Creek Falls has a lot of riding within the park on paved roads and trails around the lake. Trail map and distances vary up to 13 miles. More info:


Lock 4:

One of the more popular trails in the Nashville area, Lock 4 contains around 9 miles of singletrack for all different skill ranges and plenty of great sections. For more info about this trail, check out

Montgomery Bell State Park:

This area offers a variety of challenging and technical trails. Lower traffic and better ground lets this park stay open more often than others in the area, providing more time to ride after the main season is over. For more info, check out

Hamilton Creek:

Hamilton creek has around 9 miles of trails, broken into 2 loops, the 3 mile Lakeside trail and the 7 mile Pinnacle trail. Both are fairly difficult and technical, but very fun to the more advanced rider. For more info, check out

Percy Priest Greenway:

Percy Priest Greenway Trail starts at the Percy Priest Lake and goes down town.

For more info on the greenway, visit


Raccoon Mountain:

Made up of trails that circle the TVA Raccoon Mountain storage facility. Primarily are intermediate and advanced trails, with a few beginner friendly spots. For more info, check out

Enterprise South Nature Park:

Located just 15 minutes from downtown Chattanooga, enterprise south is one of the most popular trails in the Chattanooga area. Very beginner friendly. For more info, check out

Prentice Cooper State Park:

Located near Chattanooga, Prentice Cooper has 24,311 acres with around 100 miles of dirt roads and trails. For more info, check out

Harrison Bay State Park:

With over 40 miles of lakeside trails and shoreline, the area has some great trails for beginners looking for a place to start riding. For more info, check out

Stringers Ridge Park:

Located in the heart of North Chattanooga, this area provides several volunteer and committee made trails. More info available at

Brainerd Levee:

Lightly graveled greenway that gives beginners, children, and anyone who wants a flat, easy terrain to ride on, a great place to go. More info can be found at

Booker T Washington State Park:

Contains 7.3 miles of beginner and intermediate trails along the Chickamauga lake. More info available at


Tanasi Trail System:

Thunder Rock and Chestnut Mtn Trail offers fast and technical trails for intermediate to advanced riders while the Old Copper Road Trail offers a more flat and easy train for beginners. More info about the trail can be found at

Lake Chilhowee Campground trails:

This campground area also provides several miles of mountain biking and hiking trails. For more info about this area, please visit


Knoxville Urban Wilderness Trail System:

This trail system has something for everyone, with rock gardens, buff singletrack, paved greenways, and gravel doubletrack all located only 2-4 miles from downtown Knoxville. For more info about the trails and the area, visit

Concord Park:

While not as large as some of the other trails near Knoxville, concord park is a great local stop with some great singletrack. No large climbs but a lot of rolling terrain. For more info about this local spot, check out

Forks of the River WMA:

This wildlife management area, located on the south shore of the Tennessee River, with a few hundred acres and mostly open fields with a few greenways. Bike are restricted to the greenways from September 1st – February 28th. For more info, visit

IC King Park:

Another singletrack trail consisting of about 5 miles of intermediate level riding in the Knox County area. For a bit more info and location, visit

Norris Watershed:

Large area by the Norris Dam with over 20 miles of trails involving some of everything! This park includes double track jeep roads along with some places narrow enough to be singletrack. The park includes something for all skill levels. For more info and some in depth descriptions, visit

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